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The Director - Violette DaneauHailing from the world of fiction film and advertising, Violette Daneau has been a visual designer for 25 years. Moods, colours, images, textures have always been a part of her life. Her passion: create worlds that reveal characters whilst highlighting their areas of mystery. We can see her visual signature in hundreds of commercials, short films and several feature films. She has collaborated with several directors including André Melançon, Alain Goldstein, and Jean-Marc Piché, Richard Roy (Quebec), Robert Altman (USA), Márta Mészáros (Hungary), Waldemar Dziki (Poland).

This same passion for humanity has led her to engage in directing a documentary. With The Tightrope of Life, she directs her first film, which deals with the taboo of death through a personal quest she shares with authenticity.