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Event Packages


Life and Death are important subjects for your organization? The Tightrope of Life team has elaborated various packages for your custom events needs.



The offer is constitued of five items for a lively outlook on death.

• A personnalized address from Violette Daneau, the director of the film;
• A screening of the film;
• A Q&A session with the director in order to break the taboo of death;



Three options are available with respect to the director presence during the address and Q&A sessions.

• The conference may be made through an online video-conferencing service;
• Violette Daneau may be physically present during the event;*
• The conference may be filmed.

*Subject to availability. Possibility of regrouping travelling for further savings on transportation costs. Additional fees apply.



Fees vary according to the number of participants.

Contact us for further information on fees at info@lamort-lefilm.com



For more information, contact Violette Daneau:

Email : violette.daneau@videotron.ca
Telephone : +1 (514) 846-1335
Skype : violette.daneau1