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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to life… There are days that change our existence in a profound way. For me, March 19th is now part of those important days of my life. After a 7 year pregnancy, my movie “The Tightrope of Life” has finally made its way in the world. There was an intimate ambiance at the media premiere of the film at the Lion d’Or cabaret even though the attendance was rather large. It felt as though everyone was on the...
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Death Awakens Life

Death Awakens Life He was a middle-aged man in his prime: a wife and young children, a successful company... Barely four months after learning of his cancer, he died. He died clinging to his bed rails, crying, "I don't want to go." The day I was told this story, an indescribable sorrow shook me to the core. I could not accept a man dying this way. That night, a sense of urgency crept into me and I knew I would not rest...