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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to life…

There are days that change our existence in a profound way.

For me, March 19th is now part of those important days of my life.

After a 7 year pregnancy, my movie “The Tightrope of Life” has finally made its way in the world. There was an intimate ambiance at the media premiere of the film at the Lion d’Or cabaret even though the attendance was rather large. It felt as though everyone was on the same beat. A united community facing the great taboo of death… Whispers, silences and shared laughter.

Since then the film has been shown at Cinema Beaubien in Montreal and Le Clap in Quebec City. I feel like I have reconciliated with the human community. I feel solidarity. Each exchange I have after the screenings are a shared gift. Isolation and silence towards death are broken and we face the rebirth of life. When we approach death, we are meeting our life. At the same time we are living in an ailing society: isolation, frenetic races, performance needs, lack of sense. “Shopping malls have replaced churches” said Patrick Tremblay. We are afraid to stop and take a look at our lives. If we keep death away from sight, life receives the same treatment. As for me, at the end of the road, I don't want to have regrets.

With this film I feel I am leaving an essential legacy. It gives sense to my life.

The great adventure goes on. I invite you to visit my blog and leave me your comments. I will share my journal with you.

My life is far from being perfect, but now I am keeping my eyes on it. What about you?



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