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Death Awakens Life

Death Awakens Life

He was a middle-aged man in his prime: a wife and young children, a successful company... Barely four months after learning of his cancer, he died.

He died clinging to his bed rails, crying, "I don't want to go." The day I was told this story, an indescribable sorrow shook me to the core. I could not accept a man dying this way.

That night, a sense of urgency crept into me and I knew I would not rest until I did something significant to break the silence surrounding death. Suddenly, I recovered my sense of belonging to humanity. We are all so different and yet so similar in our fears, our hopes, our desires to love and to live -- especially when death occurs. With this film, I wanted to contribute and create my legacy. At the end of this journey a question surfaced... What about my own death? How it will it happen?

Yet, ten years ago, when I a possible cancer diagnosis came up, my first fear was not of dying but of no longer living.

Violette Daneau

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